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'Concept ART'
About The Project

(Personal work, 2023)

The art series ‘NUCLEAR’ is a collection of four photographs that aim to represent the power and danger of nuclear energy. Through the photographs, the viewer can see how different food elements ( & objects ) where used to visually communicate & symbolize different aspects of nuclear energy. Overall, the art series seeks to draw attention to the potentially destructive nature of nuclear energy, while also highlighting its immense power.

See the text below each image for a description of the concept behind it..

©Wesley Dombrecht

The concept for this image highlights the negative impacts of uranium mining on mother earth, including soil contamination, habitat destruction, and radioactive waste into the environment, causing lasting harm to both human health and the natural world, in immediate surroundings of the mining site

The image shows a nuclear gas mask combined with elements of fresh food, symbolizing the potential threat that nuclear energy sources pose to our planet and the importance of protection against the destructive and long-term danger that this energy source can create.

The idea for this outlines the catastrophic power of this spherical and devastating source of plutonium.
Let’s hope these kind of dangerous objects of energy stay safely in their casings forever and never see the light of day again

The concept for this image highlights the hazards in nuclear power plants, particularly in the event of cracks forming in the core. Such cracks can result in the leakage of toxic radioactive liquids and overheated cores, which can lead to catastrophic disasters to both environment, life and future generations.

Handcrafted with love by WesleyD