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‘Category award winner of the Pink Lady® Photography Awards 2017”

(Personal work, 2016)

The following images evoke some very special memories for me, both
positive as well as negative. Shortly after they were made I was diagnosed with cancer which resulted in an immediate hospital admission, surgery & heavy chemo treatment over a period of 1 year, which became a difficult road, both psychologically and physically. After this hard year, a rehabilitation started… this period I received an invitation from the renowned ‘Pink Lady® Photography Awards’ with the announcement that the image of the ‘Smocked Mackerel’ was in the selection for the awards of 2017, shortly afterwards I went to London…At the awards the ‘Smoked Mackerel’ was chosen as the winner with a first prize in the ‘Cream Of The Crop’ category. It was a fantastic evening !

This was the perfect mental blow that i needed, it gave me so much new energy to start over again!

©Wesley Dombrecht

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Handcrafted with love by WesleyD