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Handcrafted with love by WesleyD
About The Project

Seed plants & the cyclus of reproduction

(Personal work, 2021)

Some of my previous work has been around ‘sprouting’ & the evolution of this process in foods….now i found the inspiration in the first step…. the development of the seed by the cycles of nature….

The definition off a…’seed’, the main survival organ in seed plants and a necessity for the cyclus of reproduction…you can see them as small embryos enclosed in a shell covering…they are the product of the matured mother plant , and the development often starts in the fruit itself…In nature, they get dispersed by the plant itself, wind, water or animals…

In these images I want to put the focus on a few of them using optical glass to grab the viewer’s attention.

©Wesley Dombrecht


Awards and Recognitions for the serie

Handcrafted with love by WesleyD