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Handcrafted with love by WesleyD
About The Project

‘it’s like a cycle of life, death and rebirth’

(Personal work, 2017)

The idea behind the series ‘Sprouting & Rotting’ came to me by accident while I was working in the kitchen , and my eyes fell on some very old vegetables that started sprouting after some time, some of them also started to rot… these vegetables all have the same purpose, that is, to reproduce themselves, some of them rot away & release their seeds and others first use the nutrition of the mother fruit to sprout & develop roots, finally the mother fruit dies and a new plant arises which produces fruit again, it is like a cycle of life, death and rebirth

The series of images was made in 2017, around this period i’ve started to work more with series that share the same theme and style.

For the colours and style I found inspiration in my love for painting, in terms of light they are based on the chiaroscuro technique, where I use one very soft light source. The images have a central composition in a square frame, with many dark umber colours. The intention was to give them a somewhat picturesque feel.

©Wesley Dombrecht


Awards and Recognitions for the serie


Pictures of this serie used in editorials

Handcrafted with love by WesleyD